Help, I can't change the theme text. How do I do that?

That's all done through the language editor. To access that:

  1. Click "Themes" from the admin sidebar
  2. Then click the "..." icon next to your theme and chosse "Edit Language" from the dropdown
  3. Now click your active language
  4. You can click a tab heading and edit the text within that section. Remember to click save.

See Shopify docs for more details about the language editor.

Hmm, what's a responsive theme anyways?

The Fresh theme adapts to fit a wide range of devices. Try it on your iPad or your mobile phone to see how it works.

Can I choose how many products appear on each row?

Sure, you can do that through theme settings and choose from 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 products per row.

Slideshow - Is it possible to replace the slides on the home page with my slides?

Yes. It's really easy to change the slides. You don't need any programming knowledge. Just use your favorite image editor to create images. Suggested image width is 1280px. try to make all your slide images the same height too. Once you've created your slide images, you can upload them using the theme settings.

How many slides does the slideshow support?

You can have up to 10 slides in the slideshow. Each slide can link to a different location (URL).

Can I control how fast the slides change and the transition effect?

Yes, you can control the slideshow speed and you can also choose between fade or horizontal scroll.

Can I switch the home slideshow off?

Yes, you can do that through theme settings

Help, I don't see any links for customer login or sign up in my store?

In Shopify admin click "Settings" then "Checkout". Scroll down to "Customer accounts" and change the option to "Accounts are optional". Don't forget to save your changes.

Is this accordion included with the theme?

Yes it is. Please see the theme documentation for instructions.

Which fonts can I use?

The Fresh theme supports all the Google Webfonts

Does the theme support Google Rich snippets for optimized product search listings?

As recommended by Google, the Fresh theme supports the latest product markup from schema.org and that's understood by Google, Micrsoft and Yahoo!

Is a contact form included?

Yes. The theme includes a contact form.

Does Fresh support line item properties?

Yes. Line item properties are supported.

Can I switch the qty box on/off on the product page?

Yes. That can be controlled through theme settings.

Can I change the colors of the theme?

Yes. The theme settings allow you to change the colors easily.

How do I control the menu dropdowns?

Please see the theme documentation

Can I control which products are featured on the homepage?

Sure. You'll need to make sure that you've created at least one collection that contains products. Once you've done that open theme settings and see the "Homepage" section. That allows you to select a collection to pull products from. You can choose the number of product to be displayed and change the header text too.

Can I display collection thumbnails on the homepage?

Yes. You'll need to create a linklist first. You can do that through the "Navigation" section of Shopify admin. Add a few links to your linklist and then open theme settings and see the "Homepage" section.

How does the newsletter form work?

It's designed to link to a free Mailchimp.com account. Please see the theme documentation for more details.

Is this accordion included with the theme?

Yes it is. Please see the theme documentation for instructions.

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